The Westmark Group is located on Wall Street, in the heart of downtown Manhattan, where we pride ourselves on being a big city company, with small town values. Our mission is to provide both local independent clients, and national brands with the most professional, high quality, digital marketing services that deliver real results with a high return on investment.

The Westmark Group is led by an experienced managing team of veterans with over 15 years of experience in digital marketing and web development. Our philosophy is that integrity and teamwork go a long way, and we have the clients to prove it. We work with over 200 companies, providing outstanding online marketing services that range from search engine marketing, and social media to website design and development. We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach. We tailor-fit each client’s campaigns to their specific needs to give them the best possible chance for success. We work individually with everyone to ensure we have a clear and unified business objective.

What makes us different from every other Digital Marketing Agency out there? The Westmark Group is 1 of only 300 companies in the U.S. to be an official Google Partner. In fact, every staff member is Google Adwords and Analytics certified. What does all this mean? It means our company has been recognized for excellent use of Google products, complying with best practices, and consistently turning out happy customers. Anyone can claim to be good at what they do, but a certified Google Partner must consistently abide by approved Google practices and turn out positive results. This is what we will do for you.

At The Westmark Group, we adhere strongly to 5 company values:

1. Getting Results For Clients – Our top priority, every single time.
2. The Client Comes First – We always do what’s best for you, and not for us.
3. Integrity – Integrity is the basis of every decision we make, and everything we do.
4. Teamwork – Our staff works together on every project to ensure we don’t miss a beat.
5. Retention – We work hard to make sure every client is happy and getting the kind of results they expect and deserve.

Our mission is to provide clients with the very best in digital marketing services and customer care possible. Our strategies and techniques are not just based on theories, but on proven results with years of hard work and real, honest values. We look forward to having an opportunity to work with your business. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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