Live Streaming on Social Media is the Future and We’ve Certainly Arrived

The beauty of social media is the ability for all of us, the users, to generate original content. With the development of live stream video rolling out across a variety of social platforms, another world of creation has been born. From Facebook and Instagram live video to Snapchat Stories, it was recently reported that 89 percent of people who watched live streams have watched content from brands at least once. For brands, this way of connecting with the consumer is raw (think behind-the-scenes footage) and innovative. While Facebook Live is touted with being the most popular

platform for people to view […]

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The Importance of Unique Customer Service in the Age of Social Media

We have all experienced the frustration of calling a customer service hotline only to “interact” with an automated person – sometimes for over a half hour. It is a nuisance when the problem you’re dealing with can’t be solved through an automated technology, and frankly, it’s annoying when you try several times to get through to a real person and fail. What happens next?

For Millennials, who hold close to $200 billion in purchasing power each year brands will continue to go out of their way to be there. For instance, when the item doesn’t work as it should, a package […]

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76% of Retailers Are Spending More on Social Media This Year. Here’s Why.

Social media is paying off. Those are the findings of a recent study performed by Forrester Research Inc., which show that 76% of retailers are planning to spend more on Social Media Marketing this year than they did last year. The findings demonstrate that social media, which many may dismiss as trite or unnecessary, is actually growing faster than any other digital marketing strategy.

The sudden upswing in investment is most likely a result of new-and-improved advertising options, like Facebook’s dynamic ads option, which allows retailers to advertise products that are available in a user’s local area. Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter […]

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Inbound Link Tips That Can Boost Your SEO Rankings

Link building has always been a crucial component of SEO. Now, with Google’s latest Penguin update, it’s more important than ever to build valuable, strong links, lest your website be penalized in search engine rankings.

When it comes to internal link building, it’s easy. Simply build several high-quality, well-written landing pages and blog posts which all pertain to your industry. Once you have posted all your content, link everything you’ve written to everything else, whenever you see a reasonable opportunity to do so.

External links are equally simple: just embed outbound links within your content which lead to high-ranking external websites, and […]

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Yes, Your Company Should Be Using Social Media – Here’s Why

Many businesses—especially new ones—seem to view Social Media as a necessary evil. It may seem risky, or unnecessary, or like your 14-year-old niece could do it. But anyone who makes those assumptions is making a big mistake. Social Media is a major power player in the world of Digital Marketing, and a marketing strategy that lacks it is simply incomplete.

Here are the top reasons why your business should be using Social Media Management—and no, your niece probably shouldn’t be the one doing it.

It’s a major player in your digital marketing strategy

Think of a baseball team. You have a pitcher, a […]

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Penguin 4.0 is Here. Here’s What You Need to Know

For months, SEO experts have suspected that something fishy was going on in Google-land. Now, after months of playing coy, Google has finally rolled out its latest algorithm update, which the SEO community has dubbed “Penguin 4.0.” If your marketing strategy includes any kind of Search Engine Optimization, it’s vital for you to understand how the update will affect your search engine rankings, your conversions, and ultimately, your sales.

Back to Basics: What is Penguin?

If you’re new to the world of search engines and SEO in general, allow us to back up. In the days of old—2011 and prior—the internet was […]

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Don’t Be Lazy Responding to Customers on Social Media

A study from Lithium Technologies illustrates the dissatisfaction customers have when they interact with brands via social media, and specifically when they reach out to ask a question or stress their concern with a product.

It’s one thing to unlike a company’s Facebook page or unfollow a brand on Twitter, but it’s a whole other issue when the consumer decides to express their discontent by posting negative reviews or going off on a Twitter rant.

Timing is of utmost importance. Customers generally become distressed when they feel they are not valued by the brand and the time between when the outreach is […]

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New Features in Facebook Slideshow Ads

Nearly a year ago Facebook introduced slideshows, allowing advertisers to seamlessly compile a collection of images into a video. Video consumption online whether it be through a desktop or mobile device, continues to increase daily. After a year of understanding and experimenting with this unique feature from Facebook, advertisers have suggested changes and improvements that could be introduced to make the entire process more effective. Facebook is now introducing several new features that will allow advertisers to more easily display products and market their ideas.

Stock Images:

Facebook has long had a stock image database free to us through ad manager, but […]

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Snapchat Gets More Invasive – Targeting Ads by Sensing Your Emotions

If you know anything about about Snapchat, you probably operate the app with the assumption that nothing is truly private. Somewhere, in their watchtower, Snapchat staff are most likely able to grab any information they wish with little to no effort. While they may not be able to see your actual snaps to friends, they can get just about any other data they wish, and starting soon, they’ll be using this data to target the user and bring in significant advertising revenue.

By understanding what accounts you follow, Snapchat has the ability to better target you with ads related to these […]

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Beginners Guide to Pay Per Click Marketing

If you have recently developed a website, chances are you are in the process of attracting people to said website. It is probably not as easy as you thought it would be, and at times it could be frustrating. That’s where Pay Per Click advertising, or PPC comes in to play.

PPC is a great way to get people to your site by getting the website to show more prominently as a search result. The further up in the search results your website appears, the more views your page will receive and ultimately the more leads and customers you will be […]

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